The advantage of using The Right Choice Realty is that each TEAM member specializes in their own niche of real estate and uses their unique skills, knowledge and experience, ultimately providing the BEST service for you, our client. Working with a highly qualified team is more efficient than working with an individual agent when it comes to representing our client’s interests in the acquisition, negotiating, marketing, and process of selling and purchasing real estate. Click on the agent to learn more about them.

Angelica Reyes Broker-Salesman, REALTOR® (775) 351-9265

Marcelino Reyes REALTOR® (775) 685-4680

Wendy Madrigal REALTOR® (775) 379-4308

Stephanie Munoz REALTOR® (775) 342-9896

Alejandra Lerma REALTOR® (775) 857-0847